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Teleconferencing: We walk you through the purchase process to help you get the Teleconferencing you need.

Prices for phone conferencing are lower than ever. If you’re looking to get multiple people together for an important discussion or “virtual meeting”, now’s the time to look into what audio conferencing can bring to your business.

With the help of, you can get matched up to as many as five different teleconferencing professionals who can help you avoid the hassle and expense of traveling to faraway meetings.

You can choose to speak with one of our Purchasing Advisors who can walk you through the process and handle any issues or questions that arise. Our Advisors provide these services and more:

Small Business Teleconferencing

Learn what is best for companies that hold occasional conferences for 3 to 25 people.

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Large Business Teleconferencing

Read about what is best for businesses that need frequent teleconferencing for hundreds – even thousands – of people.

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Choosing the Right Solution

These helpful tips will show you what to look for in a reliable teleconferencing provider

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Teleconferencing Pricing

Learn how teleconferencing services are priced and what your payment options are.

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Why teleconferencing?

Teleconferencing solutions (also referred to as audio conferencing solutions) allow you to meet with several employees, clients, or partners at once. By scheduling a teleconference, you can still share critical information and get answers to questions without spending exorbitant amounts on travel or wasting valuable time away from your business.

Teleconferencing uses your standard phone line and other telecommunications equipment to connect multiple people together, regardless of location. Conferencing vendors can provide affordable access to the equipment allowing businesses of any size to share information in real-time without having to be there in person.

However, standard teleconferencing may not meet all of your meeting needs. If you want to add visual aids or encourage more interaction among your participants, your business may be a better candidate for web conferencing solutions.

Once you read our vendor neutral advice for selecting the right teleconferencing service, you can complete a simple form to receive your free quotes. Make sure you take the time to meet with each provider before making a decision. You want to get a complete understanding for how they do business, what level of service they offer, and which features they could offer for the most effective audio conferences.